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The Business Benefits of Web Standards
Organized by recognized search authority Danny Sullivan, editor of, Search Engine Strategies helps you tap into the millions of consumers who turn to search engines each day. During this four-day event, you'll learn the ins-and-outs of search engine marketing from top experts in the field and from search engines representatives themselves.

This will be the biggest SES show ever. Over 30 companies will be involved in the expo hall, and the show itself features nearly 60 different sessions about search engine marketing and optimization.

A hallmark of Search Engine Strategies are the many sessions offered on special topics. They cover a wide range of issues unique to search engine marketing. Among these sessions are:

* Search Engines & Branding
* Search Engine Marketing & Ad Agencies
* Public Relations Via Search Engines
* What Is Content?
* Competitive Research
* Getting Local: Search Engines
* Getting Local: Online Yellow Pages
* Cleaning Up The Mess
* Business To Business Forum
* Balancing Organic & Paid Listings
* SEM & Spanish Speakers
* Search Engine Legal Issues Update
* Shopping Search & Merchant Sites

Search engine marketing isn't just about gaining traffic. You need traffic that converts into sales or other measurable actions. To help, SES offers these sessions that focus on conversion and measuring the success of your campaigns:

* Converting Visitors Into Buyers
* Measuring Success
* Measuring Success Case Studies
* Measuring Offline Conversion
* Conversion Clinic

Should you do search engine marketing yourself, outsource or do both? And what about affiliates? Each topic is covered in depth during the sessions below:

* Outsourcing SEM
* Doing SEM In House
* Search Engines & Affiliates

While Wall Street continues to be excited about search engine stocks, search engine marketing firms are also seeing their revenues grow. For those running such companies, a special "SEO Business & Finance Track" on the first day of the show offers these sessions on managing growth and long-term planning:

* Coping With Growth: What's Keeping You Up At Night
* Valuing SEOs: Who's To Say?
* Swimming With Sharks: What You'll Get From VCs & Investment Bankers
* Cashing Out: The Preparations & Implications

New to search engine marketing? For those coming up to speed with the hot topic of search engines, here's a rundown the key sessions designed to ensure you know the fundamentals:

* Introduction To Search Engine Marketing
* Search Term Research & Targeting
* Search Engine Friendly Design
* Writing For Search Engines
* Buying Search Engine Advertising
* Link Building Basics

Looking to improve the traffic you receive from free listings with search engines? To help, there's a number of sessions that focus on this aspect of search engine marketing:

* Organic Listings Forum
* Optimizing Flash & Non-HTML Content
* Search Engines & Web Server Issues
* Successful Site Architecture
* Advanced Link Building Forum
* Link Building Clinic
* Dynamic Web Sites
* Meet The Crawlers
* Site Clinic

Are you an ad buyer or more interested in the paid listings side of search engine marketing? The conference offers plentiful sessions on this topic:

* Contextual Ads
* Setting & Managing Your Ad Budget
* Broad Matching & Other Ad Targeting Options
* Search Engine Advertising Forum
* Ad Management Case Studies
* Paid Inclusion & Trusted Feeds
* Alternative PPC Search Engines
* Creating Compelling Ads & Landing Pages
* Ad Copy & Landing Page Clinic